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The Bierzo is one of the richest regions regarding gastronomy, this aspect being one of the most important for the visitors, as referenced in a survey realized by the "Foundation City of Energy" in 2010.

The basis of its gastronomy is a variety of quality local products referenced under seven different quality labels for : vine, grilled pepper, blood sausage, the apple variety Reinette, the pear variety Conferencia, chestnut and the salty and dried meat called “cecina”, this latter label being valid for the whole province of León.

The “cocido berciano” (typical meal made of pork and veal meat with chick-peas and cabbage), the typical sausage of the Bierzo called “botillo“, the local filled pie called “empanada berciana”, the smoked chorizo, the dried meat called “cecina” and the red sausage with onions called “morcilla de cebolla”, all these specialities are, together with  cod, one part of the most significant gastronomical offer.

Regarding fruits and horticulture, apples Reinette, cherries, pears, grilled peppers and chestnuts are completing a wide range of possibilities.

The pastry of the Bierzo is famous for its almond and brioche-like cakes, (roscas and roscones), chestnut and apple pies, chestnuts en syrup…

Within the whole wine panorama, wines from the variety Mencia with the label Denomination of Origin Bierzo are famous for its personality and elegance.

A gastronomical route throughout the Bierzo is fantastic way of getting to know the Bierzo region.

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