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Wine tourism in the Bierzo

Casa Canedo is one of the members forming the “Wine Route of the Bierzo”.

For more information please consult :

Or click directly on the logo of the route mentioned on this website page.

There you will be able to see all the possibilities that the route offers.

Wine Tourism in Castile and Leon, more exactly Wine tourism in the Bierzo are a new and exciting way of visiting the Bierzo. Let’s have a look at the past.

History of wine within the region of the Bierzo

Some 2000 years ago, the quotes of Pline the Older and Estrabón were already making reference to the existence of some vineyards in the present region of the Bierzo, which originally comes from the preroman city called Bergidum. Moreover, we know that the Roman people gave a tremendous impulse to the agriculture of these lands.

After the significant Roman dominion (gold mines of Las Médulas), the Bierzo transformed itself into a compulsory stopping-place on the difficult pilgrimage route towards Santiago de Compostela, which attracted so many pilgrims, including kings, princes and saints over the European christian period. From the XII century on, during the climax of this pilgrimage way, the region witnessed a true ecclesiastical settlement, which gave opportunities for many religious orders to live together. It appears that those monks from Northern Europe were the ones who developed this special method of cultivating wine, mixing wisdom, precision and time. It has be maintained intact all over the centuries up to now, giving us the particular variety of a unique red grape – mencia – and a wine legacy beyond compare for its rooting and personality.

After centuries of production and after having managed to have a good name, the wine industry of the Bierzo suffered a terrible blow in late XIX century, when an invasion of Phylloxera almost destroyed everything, thus provoking a strong economical crisis and the emigration of a large number of persons.

During the 60’s of last century, a new phenomenon came up, the so-called cooperative movement, playing a tremendous role in the production of some wines. Back in 1989, their quality was approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food through the grant of the Denomination of Origin for the Wines of the Bierzo.

Many are the caves in the Bierzo producing excellent wines, as show the numerous prices won in various concourses. It shall be enough to mention Robert Parker, the most influential wine critic worldwide, who tasted the wines of the Bierzo and rated them good. Any other professional of the wine business knows about them and about their excellent credibility within the actual wine market. Their taste is being referred to in all oenologist’s publications, and the international market is trusting the good rating.

Enjoy oenology tourism in the Bierzo:

We in Casa Canedo invite you to go for a guided visit, tasting included, in one of the cellars of the Route of the Wines in the Bierzo.

Wine is offering us different options to enjoy: from its birth as a grape in the vineyard on to the end in a wine glass being shared with one’s beloved beings, in leisure time or for great celebrations.

We in CASA CANEDO are encouraging you to get to know better the world of the “Wines of the Bierzo” through a guided visit of the cellars dedicating their activity to the oenology tourism.

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