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The TRINO (Rural Tourism of Interior and Ornithology) project, in which the establishment “Casa Canedo” is actively participating, is an initiative having the main objective to promote ornithological tourism within the different regions of Castile and Leon.

These regions have more than 500 km long routes already marked with signs, observatories and other infrastructures for the observation of bird fauna. The 250 rural lodging members of the project TRINO have committed themselves to develop a series of actions with the objective of offering a service of quality adapted to the ornithological tourist. These establishments display information about the bird fauna living in each territory visited and offer more than 3000 beds.

Through this project TRINO it is meant to empower hiking too, as a way to get closer to birds and their habitats, as well as ethnographically or culturally speaking to the local heritage. This also appropriately supplement the development of a sustainable tourism in the Bierzo, making good use of the new technologies and of their applications.

The main routes in the Bierzo region:

The Ornithological Reserve of Palacios de Compludo

For birds lovers, we also have a ornithological reserve in Palacios de Compludo, the result of the passionate work over more than 20 years of the  ecological organization of the Bierzo region called “Tyto Alba”. It organizes free time activities, campsites and tour guides and more.

This reserve can be found in Palacios de Compludo at 22 km from the city of Ponferrada, in the south of the Bierzo region in the province of Leon.

We can reach this village following one of these routes depending on our starting point:

  • From Ponferrada, we drive through the following villages: Molinaseca, Riego de Ambrós, El Acebo. Just before entering in El Acebo, we take the road on your right indicating the direction of Compludo. We pass by the Compludo forge and once in the village, we engage on the path on the left, crossing the bridge. At the end of this path we reach Palacios de Compludo.
  • From Leon: we follow the road LE-142 Astorga-Ponferrada. Once in Astorga we turn left following the direction of “Castrillo de los Polvazares” and “Sta Colomba de Somoza”. The villages we successively drive through are: Murias de Rechivaldo, Castrillo de Polvazares, St Colomba de Somoza, Rabanal del Camino, Foncebadon, Manjarin, El Acebo. Right after leaving the village El Acebo, we make a left turn towards Compludo. We pass by the Compludo forge and once in the village, we engage on the path on the left, crossing the bridge. At the end of this path we reach Palacios de Compludo.
    (Information and picture taken from the Asociación de Estudios Ornitologicos del Bierzo “TYTO ALBA”)

The route of the grouse in the Bierzo

Route type: Circular
Distance: 11,9 km
Difficulty level: Medium
Length - walking: 3,5 h
Length - biking: 1 h 30’
Recommended period for a visit: all year round


This circular route starts and ends in the small but gorgeous locality of the Bierzo called Igüeña, where the inhabitants are mainly working in the mines or breeding. The river Boeza goes through the village, creating a very nice landscape all around.
More information:

Birds of Carucedo in the Bierzo

Route type: Circular
Distance: 16,45 km
SECTION I – Lago de Carucedo - 6,5 km
SECTION II – Carucedo – Las Médulas – 9,95 km
Difficulty Level: Low
Length  - walking: SECTION I – Lago de Carucedo – 1 h 30’
                          SECTION II – Carucedo – Las Médulas – 2 h 45’


This route belongs to the municipality of Carucedo, in the Bierzo, in the northern-east of the Aquiline Mounts and next to the valley of the River Sil. It is part of the protected area of Natural Monument of “Las Médulas”, declared as of utmost importance due to its landscape being shaped by mankind since the roman period.
More Information:

Birds in the Ancares

Route going through Peranzanes
Route type: Circular
Distance: 14,72 km
Difficulty level: Medium
Length - walking: 3 h 15’
Length - biking: 1h 30’
Recommended period of visit: all year round

Birds in Laciana

The mixed forest of Caboalles

Province of LEON, region of Laciana next to the Bierzo.

Route type: Lineal
Distance: 9,4 km (return)
Difficulty level: low
Length – walking: 2h 30’
Length – biking: 1h 45’
Recommended period for visiting: all year round


The route starts in Caboalles de Arriba, in the Observation Center of the Grouse (Centro de Interpretación del Urogallo). It is located in the region of Laciana and the Higher Sil, in the extreme occidental part of the territory of the Four Valleys. There are some of the best mixed oak woods of the occidental mountain of Leon.

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