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Rural cottages and touring on bicycle.

Active tourism in the Bierzo

Our cottage for rural tourism is in the middle of a privileged area for touring on bicycle in the nature, where is a wide net of paths, both in plain and in altitude. This reality allowed us to include our village (San Juan de la Mata) as a member of the tours “Las Rutas turísticas de bicicleta de montaña por las Cuencas Mineras de Castilla y León (the touring tours on mountain bike through the mines field of Castile and Leon)”, forming the route number 4: Cueto - San Juan de la Mata -Vega de Espinareda-Fabero, with a length of 27,7 km.

This great adventure tour is divided in five touristic routes: Route 1, covering 450 kilometers from Barruelo de Santullán, in Palencia, to the municipality of Balboa in Leon; Route 2, from la Cistierna to Crémenes, with a length 30,8 kilometers; Route 3, Riello-Villablino, with 54 kilometers; Route 4, between Cueto and Fabero, covering 27,7 kilometers; and a tour in Torre del Bierzo, along 71 kilometers.

The itineraries give the possibility to discover the natural and landscape value of the surroundings and are linking together the municipalities full of historical and constructions associated with the coal mining industry.

The type of some paths running through its length might require a good physical preparation but other simple and easy sections are accessible to any amateur.

Thirteenth stage  Cacabelos – Balboa (41 km)

It is running through the heart of the Ancares mountains of Leon. 70% of its kilometers are along roads (mainly secondary or with poor traffic) and the other 30% go on paths and forest trails. The main difficulty of this stage resides in the differences of ground levels over 1000 meters and the successive going up- and down-hills over a long distance.  It is best not to go for it during wintertime o rainy periods as the trails could be in a very bad state.
These route are running through protected areas such as the “Network of Natural Areas in Castile and Leon” or the “Europea Natura 2000 Network”, on top of others well-known like the “Biosphere Reserve of The Ancares”.

We also suggest to discover the most beautiful places of the Bierzo on a mountain bike with the company expert in active tourism “Bierzo Natura”. Mountain bikes allow to enjoy nature form another perspective.

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