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Rural tourism in San Juan de la Mata

San Juan de la Mata is an ideal place for lovers of rural tourism. Its history, beauty and people makes from our village (San Juan) a pearl of the rural tourism in the Bierzo region.

The usually two-storied old houses are made of solid stone with clay, offering spacious rooms inside, with slate roofs covering big attics. In some cases we can see unusual wooden balconies called “corredores”.

Rural houses in the Bierzo


This cottage is situated in the province of Leon, in the Bierzo region.

The house was built by my grandfather when he returned from Cuba back in the 20s of the last century, situated on an old press were his ancestors made wine.

It is a traditional building with materials from the area: stone – wood and slate. It has been renewed in an attempt of respecting its history, adding the commodities of today.

Downstairs consists of a cellar room with a fire place, a kitchen, a bathroom, a woodshed and a room to keep mountain bikes which are available free of additional cost to our customers. This room has been decorated with some objects that were found in the cottage.

Upstairs consists of a dining room with a fireplace, a kitchen, a corridor, three bedrooms (two double rooms, and one twin room) and a bathroom. In total, the cottage counts with 250 square meters. Downstairs and upstairs are linked together from both inside and outside the cottage.

You shall find our cottage for rural tourism in San Juan de la Mata. It is one of the villages belonging to the municipality of Arganza within the region of the Bierzo, very rich for its agriculture, pine forests, chestnut trees, fruit trees and vineyards.
In this village, very close to our rural cottage, you will see various noble houses, telling about its importance. One of its particularity is its pigeon house, a true whim of the popular architecture, the only one in the region being hexagonal.

The fountain of the Constitution and the remnants of the old church,  destroyed during Civil War are referring  to its past which we cannot stop visiting.
The visit of the Centenarian chestnut tree in Sotorredondo, one of the most peculiar trees of the Bierzo, is pleasing and relaxing.

The town-hall is located in Arganza (967 inhabitants), a town with history. It was a “noble” city which was under the authority of the Count of Lemos, and later on, during the XV century, of the Marquis of Villafranca.

The most famous writer of the region, Enrique Gil y Carrasco, is presenting Doña Beatriz, the main character of its romantic novel "El Señor de Bembibre" as the daughter of the nobles of Arganza, a fact which makes out of the Palace of Arganza one of the particularities of this village. We also find there good local architecture. The parochial church (c. XVI) is neoclassical and brings out the over-elaborated altarpieces.
Within the same municipality we shall mention the village of Canedo, with its house-palace of the Canedo family (restored and put again under activity thanks to the initiative of the proprietary of the wine cellar "Prada a Tope" which is a reference in gastronomy and oenology nowadays). The parochial church does present a very interesting coffered ceiling inside.


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