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Geographical location

A rural cottage in “ San Juan de la Mata”

The Bierzo Region

It is an administrative area situated in the northwest of the province of Leon, with an extension of 2.759 square kilometers. Its boundaries are: Asturias in the north, the city of Leon in the east and the south and Galicia in the west. It is surrounded by mountains, the highest one pushing 2000m.


The Bierzo region enjoys a characteristic Mediterranean micro climate due to its situation and the average temperature is about 12,4ºC all year round, except in summertime with an average temperature of 22ºC. Actually this area enjoys a mixture of an Atlantic and Mediterranean climate, and consequently temperatures are really mild.
Our rural cottage is located in a village called “San Juan de la Mata” in the administrative area called “”El Bierzo” (province of Leon)
You can find us in San Juan de la Mata , street “La Lamella” at nº12. The postal code is: 24545 – Bierzo – Castile and Leon - Spain

We are at :

- about fifteen minutes drive from the city of Ponferrada (the capital of the Bierzo region).

- about fifteen minutes drive from Villafranca del Bierzo, which is known as “ The little Compostela”

- about fifteen minutes drive from Vega de Espinareda, which marks the entrance into the Ancares mountains.

- about ten minutes drive from Cacabelos, known as “ The Town of Wine”

- We are also at five minutes from the Canedo Palace.

Gps coordinates and cartographic reference system:

The average height of the territory is 605 meters above see level.
Latitude in decimal grades : 42.65
Longitude in decimal grades : -6.667
Coordinate x utm huso 30 : 199.414
Huso utm: 29
Utm square: PH92
Latitude in grades, minutes and seconds : 42º 40´ 0”
Longitude in grades, minutes and seconds: -6º, 40´,0”
INE code: 24007
MTN sheet at 1:50000 : 158

Rural cottage near Los Ancares

This rural cottage is easily accessible either coming from Asturias, Galicia or the Meseta plateau.
From Galicia
From Asturias
From the Meseta plateau

From Asturias
From Galicia
From the Meseta plateau
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